— EXO-K: Suho - My Angel

Author’s Note: This was requested by hlubb. I hope you enjoy reading it (: I’m trying my best to write in each of anyone of yous liking :D I’m going to sum up the plot so it will be a little intriguing. I don’t want to give away too much. I’ll be using his stage name. (:

The plot: Suho is an angel; he watches over you, you can’t see him.

Your luck has been with you recently but you never understood why. Of course, you couldn’t see who was the cause of the good luck but he can see you. 

Suho The Angel. That name dragged on him heavily when he longed to touch you, to caress your soft skin, to run his fingers through your hair as he kissed you passionately. He wasn’t suppose to but he did it anyway; he stood by you like glue — from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. He didn’t want to lose sight of you for even just a little bit, that would be terrible. He never figured out how this obsession started but he didn’t mind it. Being around you just made sense.

That’s how he found himself flying behind you, his wings flapping behind him, as you ran late to school. Suho knew when the bus was coming; you weren’t late for it since it was still a pretty long distance before it arrived to your bus stop. There was a crack on the floor and surely with your heels will make you twist your ankle, that didn’t happen though. Suho made it seem like it disappear for a while as you crossed it. He smiled to himself; he enjoyed saving you.

Finally so, you reach your destination and take a seat to catch your breath. Suho’s wings went limp as he sits next to you as you waited for the bus. He looked at you dreamily. The way the wind tangled itself around your hair, the way you move your hand to push it back but it always falls in place and your scent that he always takes a lung full of them. Smells so much like sweet flowers, Suho says but those words go unheard which causes him to sigh in sadness. He reaches out to you just to experience his fingers go through you like water. He pulls away with a sad face just as the bus arrived.

You get up when the bus door opens, Suho stays behind you to make sure you don’t slip. He was so close to you but unfortunately you couldn’t feel it. You get on the bus safely even as you put in your bus pass. The bus closes its doors. You turn your head for an empty seat; there is none. You squeeze through people and reach an area that had space for you and your bag. You grab a handle to keep your balance and Suho stays pressed behind you, making sure you don’t fall.

When you get off the bus, Suho following behind you, you started thinking how not once did you lose your balance. You were wearing high heels it should of been normal to lose balance with the heels you were wearing. You decided not to question your luck as you walked to school on time again.

Class ended quite quickly and you couldn’t be anymore happier. You packed your stuff quickly and exited the room then building. Of course Suho following behind. He didn’t mind sitting through your classes. They busied his temptation for you. You stood in front of the building for few minutes, taking in your surroundings and fresh air. 

"Life feels good today." You say happily and Suho smiles brightly. He loves how you’re enjoying your life. It’s what you deserve therefore he’ll make it happen.

You walk down the flat stairs and walk down the sidewalk along with other students that were your classmates. You waved goodbye to them, they went off and you stopped at the corner, waiting for the light to turn red. When it did you crossed to reach your bus stop. What seemed to be out of nowhere a car came going on full speed. It didn’t seem like it was going to slow down even if the light is not in his favor. The car was going towards you. Your head whipped around to its direction. Suho’s wings grew to their natural large size and he flew to you as quickly as he could. He didn’t know how it happened but he was able to wrap his arms around you and pull you back to safety. The car missed you by a landslide. It swished by so fast it would be hard to see it was there.

Both you and Suho fall to the ground with a grunt. His arms still lock tightly around your waist. You between his legs, your back against his chest and your head on his shoulder. You can feel, hear and smell everything of this person. Your senses never felt so heighten until this particular moment. You can feel how warm and strong this person is, you can smell his sweet delicious scent and you can hear his breathing. 

You both pant harshly and you slowly turn your head to see him. Your faces so close. Your vision was slightly blurred and even your last words were mumbled as you passed out as the fear and adrenaline left your body leaving you with no energy.

"Who are you?" Black. Your head lolled back and Suho was quick to support it with his shoulder. He turned your face and cupped it and gently smacked you.

”_______.” He said your name but received no response. He tried to reach for your phone, grunting as he had to support your weight in the process. He hoped he can touch inanimate objects. He can and he quickly dialed for the ambulance. He told the person what happened, what street you were in and described how you look. He hung up and stood by you until the ambulance came. He heard the sirens from afar and he moved away behind you and ever so gently lay you down on the sidewalk. With a sad expression, he moved away from you. He hid himself but stood in line vision so he’d be able to see you.

The ambulance pulled up when they saw your body laying on the sidewalk. They quickly got out of the car to open the back door. They pulled out the stretcher and rolled it towards you. They gently placed you on the bed and put a neck brace around your neck just in case and rolled you to the back of the ambulance where they lifted you in, closed the doors and made there way towards the front. They climbed into the car, turned the sirens on and drove quickly.

Suho walked out of the place he was hiding and hoped people did not see him or the accident that just happen. It was hard to explain. He was sure what happened was against the rules. But he wondered how he’d get in trouble. He didn’t know that touching a person would be possible. This was all an accident. He left that thought to the side as he thought of you. He already had a feel of you and he was craving more. He was going to do something about this.

"Wait for me." He whispers as he watches the ambulance turn the corner to the hospital.

Suho closed his eyes and when he reopened them he was in his original home. He put his wings away; they slowly entered the slits on his back before the small cut-like area closed. Everything was white and brimmed with gold. The light white fog enclosed themselves around his feet, chairs and desks. The only thing that wasn’t white was the doors in front of him. They were gold and huge, behind those doors were the elder angels. They were in charge of overlooking the angels. He would be considered a rebellious angel because of his constant visits of ________.

He made his way to the desk of the receptionist. She was in charge of making sure everything was in order. “Are they here?” He asked her. She looked at him with a sad expression.

She nodded. “They’re waiting for you.” She pressed a button and horrifically the doors open slowly.

He made his way inside. His white shoes clicking loudly on the floor. His palms were sweating. They were the higher power. They can restrict him from ever seeing you permanently if this didn’t go well.

The elder angels turn their heads away from their small talk before turning their heads to look at you. They were looking at you with hard eyes as they sat in front of you with their fingers interlaced. They looked like perfectly sculpted statues. Two of the angels looked like twins. The two had long white beards with white thin hair and pale white skin and icy blue eyes unlike the only woman elder who has dark black hair and green as grass for eyes that contrast perfectly with her olive skin. Of course also unlike himself that stood out with his burgundy color hair and pale complexion.

"Would you like to explain what happened?" The elder sitting in the middle asked with a natural hoarse tone.

"I don’t know what happened. I just thought I needed to save her. She couldn’t die like this like she would’ve. I just went towards her and hoped that I could save her. I never thought that I could until I felt that I could touch her and pull her away." Suho said in a soft tone as he looked at each of every one of them in their eyes. If he wanted to get what he wanted he needed to show he was serious.

The elders sigh simultaneously. “Believe us when we say we can’t explain what happened either.” Elder angel on Suho’s left said in a whispering tone.

The woman elder on the right leaned in and spoke with a more natural tone, smooth, sounding like she was singing when she was only speaking. “We were thinking that it might of been the connection that you can’t explain that strengthened in that exact moment when your love for her overflowed from the feeling of needing to save her.”

Suho nodded as he understood. “That’s why I’m here to ask you for a favor.” He said in a hard but kind tone.

"And what would that be," said the elder sitting in the middle with a questioning tone.

"Let me become human." Suho said with a straight face.

The elders couldn’t keep their face straight. They looked so shock to hear that.

"Su—" The woman elder was just about to speak but Suho cut her off.

"I apologize but let me explain. I love this girl that I have come to know by protecting her. I also know that I’m causing such problems for you because I keep wanting to see her. So do me this favor of being able to live. I never had a chance in life so please. I beg you. Take my wings and let me be with her. That’s all I ask."

The elder angels look among themselves before they went back to looking like stone cold statues. The woman gave a warm expression to Suho.

"Fine." They all say.

Suho smiled and bowed a perfect 90 degree. “Thank you!” He says happily.

The elders chuckle.

"Stand up, young man." The elder with the whispering tone says. Suho complies.

"Don’t do anything out of control. You know the human rules go by them." Elder angel sitting in the middle says with a teacher voice. Suho nods diligently.

"We’ll miss seeing your face around here but I guess we’ll have to keep watching you from up here to see how well you do as human." The elder woman smiles as she says this.

"There’s one thing that we’re not sure about." The elder with the hoarse tone mentions.

"What is it?" Suho says urgently. He couldn’t wait to be with you.

"Your memories of her. We don’t know if they will still be intact. We’ll try our best to keep her there." The elder said.

Suho nods, unsure now. He didn’t want to forget you but he’ll have to risk it if it meant a chance with you.

"Good luck." They all say.

A white flash that can blind a regular person surrounds him. Suho closes his eyes tightly. He collapses to the ground. His mind went black.

What felt like minutes but were actually days. He felt someone nudge him.

"Are you okay?" The person called out. The voice sounded familiar.

"What to do? He looks pale." The person seems to be panicking. The person was just about to reach for Suho’s forehead when he reached out and wrapped his hand around it. Warm. It’s her, he thinks to himself. His mind didn’t erase. He felt joy.

With a groan he opened his eyes. He blinked them a few times until his vision cleared. His body ached. He felt like he fell hard from heaven, no pun intended. His eyes focused on you. You were looking at him with concern.

"Are you alright?" You say.

"Yes. Now." Suho smiles at you as he gets up with your help. I landed on the floor, he thinks, couldn’t they at least make me wake up on a soft bed.

Relief crosses your features. “I’m glad.”

You felt as though he was familiar. You look at him, your eyes squinting at him.

"What?" He says self-consciously.

"Oh, I’m sorry. I feel like I know you," you say, your voice soft as you search your brain on where you have seen him. "I don’t know where but you. Your scent, your warmth." Your hand still grips his arms. You were standing close to him.

"I’m sorry. I must seem weird to you." You say as you pull away and push your hair back.

Suho grins, he loves that move. “No. The feeling is mutual.” He smiles reassuringly. You return the smile. “Would you like to get something to eat? It’s the only thing I can do for you. You saved my life right now. If you didn’t come I don’t know what would of happen to me.”

"Sure," you say happily. You wanted to get to know the mysterious man that left an impression on you. You were still racking your brain wondering where you’ve met him. "There’s a small restaurant around here." 

Suho nods. He extends his hand. “I’m Suho. Kim Suho.” He says confidently. I have a last name? Oh right!

”_________.” You tell him your name and encase your hand around his. You felt electricity run through your body. What connection did you have with him was beyond you but you liked it.

"Shall we?" He says gently as he reluctantly pulls his hand away. You notice and smile a secretive smile. You nod and walk next to him.

Just as you two were crossing the street and made it to the other side. You look back as you walked and remember the minor accident you had there. You were about to trip but Suho wrapped his arm around yours keeping you locked on his side. You turn your head towards him with a thankful smile. His face was close to yours and then the wind blew, blowing his scent towards you. You take a deep breath and finally everything clicked. You remember.

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