Dalmatian’s Youngwon: Valentine’s Day - requested by anon (Draft)

U-KISS’s Soohyun, Eli, AJ: All sadists, bondage scenario, inspired by U-KISS’s Alone - requested by anon

B.A.P’s Daehyun: Where he comforts you after a tragic accident, passionate and emotional smut ending - requested by anon (Draft)

NU’EST’s Baekho: When he gets mad and takes everything out on you then hits you.- requested by anon

BTOB’s Hyunsik: Smutty scenario - requested by anon

Block B’s Kyung: Where he is at work and things start getting freaky. Rated - requested by anon

Infinite’s Myunsoo: When your parents are divorced and your mom gets a new man who already has a son so he becomes you stepbrother and you need to live together and you accidentally fall in love with him - requested by anon

INFINITE’s Sunggyu: When Hoya hits on you while you’re in a relationship with Sunggyu and he gets insecure thinking you might leave him, but you prove him wrong. Rated - requested by anon

Dalmatian’s Simon: When you and Simon are making love and your child wakes up from a nightmare and interrupts you - requested by anon

Infinite’s Sunggyu: Rated - requested by anon

Dalmatian’s Simon: Where it’s your wedding night and you have sex; it’s not his first time but it is yours and he’s really sweet and caring about everything then things start getting really heated - requested by anon

Dalmatian’s Simon: Rated - requested by anon

TEENTOP’s L.Joe: You two were in your honeymoon in Singapore but then there was one girl — a stranger who falls in love with L.Joe) — she stays in the hotel room besides yours and tries to attract L.Joe’s attention. You get jealous and he tries to fix it - requested by anon

SHINee’s Onew: Using his real name; Where you are jealous because he’s too close to the female friends he has, so you end up having a huge fight - requested by anon

B.A.P’s Zelo: When he is your oppa and gets angry when you don’t see him as a person older than you and you getting close to other guys - requested by anon

Dalmatian’s Simon: Where you are stuck at home on a rainy day filled with thunder (You are afraid of thunder) - requested by anon

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon: Meeting him at Church for the first time, fluff - requested by anon

Kim Woo Bin: Where it’s your anniversary and he surprises you with a lovely sex-filled night - requested by anon

EXO’s Lu Han: Confession - can be either fluff or smut - requested by my-kyungsoo-baby

B.A.P’s Zelo & Jongup: Like Three’s The Charm, everyone’s first time. - requested by kittykait04